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The Gadfly is a philosophically-oriented print and online magazine edited by Columbia University undergraduates. We publish original essays, artwork, and interviews, with the aim of cultivating philosophical reflection in a variety of media. We also hold weekly discussions and other public events (lectures, film screenings, etc.) with the aim of furthering philosophy beyond the written word.

We are deeply committed to the view that philosophy should contribute to – indeed, be a part of – the broader cultural conversation. Thus, we welcome submissions of all forms, on all subjects, by authors both on campus and off. As a philosophy 'magazine' (as opposed to, say, a 'journal'), we look for content that is not bound to the usual academic form but that, nevertheless, is both substantive and rigorous. Moreover, we look not for content that simplifies but rather for content that illuminates, enlivens, and contemporizes the philosophical tradition by drawing on other domains of interest.

To submit your work, please visit our submissions portal. To contact the Gadfly for general inquiries, please email

Editors-in-Chief: Cecilia Bell, Alice McCrum

Editor-at-Large: Emilie Biggs

Managing Editor: Sam Wilcox

Chief Associate Editor: Nicholas Allen

Design Editor: Rachel Sherr

Associate Article Editors: Nicholas Gauthier, Luciano Naon, Isaac Schott-Rosenfield

Associate Interview Editors: Nick Erichson, Tzar Taraporvala

Deputy Editors: Sam Hosmer, Emma James

Representatives: Sophie Craig, Pedro Siemsen, Jonathan Tanaka

Editors Emeritus: Nicholas Andes, Aaron Friedman, Alex Garnick, Saikeerthi Rachavelpula