4:10 pm16:10

Classical Philosophy (Lecture)

This lecture on the broad topic of Classical Philosophy is given by Professor James Warren (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge).

It takes place on Columbia's Campus in Philosophy 716.

12:30 pm12:30

How is Objectivity Possible? Brown Bag Talk. Max Kolbel.

"Abstract: What would it take to have objective representations and do humans have what it takes? In order to help answer these questions, I shall isolate one relevant sense of objectivity and argue that we need a generalization of standard frameworks of representational content in order to engage meaningfully with the question. Armed with such a general conception, I will articulate one necessary condition for objective representation: the possession of objective concepts and therefore objective contents. Finally, I shall explore two ways in which we might meet (or approximately meet) this condition."

(Barcelona). NYU, 5 Washington Place, Room 202.


Feb 18

Rethinking Philosophy’s Past 1300-1800

Organized by Christia Mercer. “The Philosophy Department and Center for Science and Society at Columbia University invite you to “Rethinking Philosophy’s Past, 1300-1800” (February 17-18). Distinguished historians will share recent scholarship on women and other understudied figures in the history of philosophy to encourage more accurate accounts of philosophy’s past and more inclusive teaching. Sessions rethink standard stories and offer practical ideas about to incorporate understudied figures in our philosophy courses, both historical and non-historical.” http://philosophy.columbia.edu/files/philosophy/content/Program-Philosophys_Past_PUBLIC.pdf